Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 Buick Enclave

The 2012 Buick Enclave ranks 1 out of 24 Affordable Midsize SUVs. This ranking is based on our analysis of 60 published reviews and test drives of the Buick Enclave, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.
The 2012 Buick Enclave is a comfortable, luxurious and capable family hauler. Just don’t expect particularly nimble handling or brisk acceleration.
Reviewers say the 2012 Buick Enclave packs a surprising number of standard features and offers a quiet, refined interior that’s rare for an affordable midsize SUV. They even compare its upscale interior and composed ride with the Lexus RX 350. That’s high praise for a vehicle that isn’t considered a luxury SUV.
Though reviewers are impressed with the Enclave’s interior accommodations, they aren’t excited about what’s under the hood. They say this SUV’s engine is up to the task of hauling up to eight people and their stuff, and has smooth handling and a comfortable ride. But shoppers looking for some fun driving dynamics in their family vehicle should look elsewhere because the Enclave is tuned more for relaxation than excitement.
Overall, most automotive journalists conclude that the 2012 Buick Enclave should be on the shopping list of anyone who’s looking for an SUV that will chauffer their family in comfort. In this department, the Enclave is a top choice in a hotly competitive segment.
Buick Enclave - Lambo Vertical Doors
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2012 Buick Enclave
Buick Lambo Doors
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Saturn Aura - Lambo Doors

General Motors has announced plans to discontinue the Saturn brand by the end of 2010, and close all 350 remaining Saturn dealers. The company has already stopped building the Aura midsize car, but produced a few thousand cars badged as 2010 Auras before shutting down the production line.  They are essentially identical to the 2009 model. To see what to expect of the 2010 Aura, see our review of the 2009 edition.
General Motors had once planned to redesign the Aura for the 2010 model year - likely basing the next Aura on the Opel Insignia, an award-winning car built by GM's European division। But that redesign was placed on hold in 2008 due to GM's ongoing financial troubles. GM built a 2009 Saturn Aura, then built a small number of identical cars badges as 2010 mdoels.  The 2010 Aura, therefore, is identical to the 2009 edition. The only significant change was the elimination of a hybrid version, but in anticipation of the Chevy Volt's long-awaited arrival.
Saturn Aura - Lambo Vertical Doors
Item Number: 54955
2011 Saturn Aura
Saturn Lambo Doors
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Skoda Lambo Doors

Like its predecessor, the Superb doesn’t fall into a clearly defined market sector. It’s priced to rival traditional family machines such as the Ford Mondeo, but also serves up executive class space and comfort. Although it’s not the most handsome shape, the Czech has big car presence thanks to a large chrome grille and long overhangs at either end. Buyers can choose from four trim levels – S, SE, Elegance and eco-friendly Greenline.
Skoda Superb - Lambo Vertical Doors
Item Number: 59846
2011 Skoda Superb
Skoda Lambo Doors
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Pontiac Vibe.

When the original Pontiac Vibe hit dealer showrooms for the 2003 model year, it was a different kind of General Motors vehicle in just about every way. Sure, it wore a Pontiac badge and had that horrible plastic cladding hanging off its sides, but the vehicle's basic shape was unlike anything else in the General's lineup. There was a very good reason for this, as the Vibe is produced by GM's joint venture with Toyota called NUMMI, or the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. This JV currently produces the Vibe, Corolla and Tacoma pickup for both automakers, and the new Vibe is basically the same vehicle as the 2009 Toyota Matrix with a different skin and interior.
For 2009, the Vibe loses all that plastic armor but keeps its Toyota ties, receiving the recently updated Corolla underpinnings and powertrains. Will the Vibe's many changes make the little Pontiac good enough for prospective buyers to consider again? We took a brand new 2009 Vibe GT for a week-long spin to find out.
Pontiac Vibe - Lambo Vertical Doors
2011 Pontiac Vibe
Pontiac Lambo Doors
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Subaru News

Some of the Subaru faithful are up in arms over the automaker's decision to go with a rear-wheel-drive setup for the upcoming BRZ. Why did the engineers opt to send power out back when they could have utilized the company's signature symmetrical all-wheel-drive system? You would expect the answer to lie firmly on the backs of Toyota, which is the other half of this joint venture. MotorAuthority looked into it, and according to them, that's not exactly the case.
Toyota has been adamant that a rear-wheel drive sports car was to be the ultimate product of this sports coupe joint-venture. More surprisingly, Subaru officials say they were interested in creating just such a vehicle from the very beginning. To hear them tell it, they aren't just all-wheel drive experts. Subaru produces front-wheel drive vehicles for markets outside of the States, and rear-wheel drive allows them to show off just how far Subaru engineers can push handling and traction levels regardless of which wheels drive the car.
Be it the front wheels, rear wheels or all four wheels, Subaru engineers are clearly eager to prove that they're accomplished at making grippy cars. So... do you buy the explanation, or do you think it's just spin? More importantly, do you think a RWD Subaru is a good idea?
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Chevrolet Cruze

Get ready for some head scratching, movie fans. Chevrolet decided to mark the brand's 100th anniversary with a custom Chevrolet Cruze called the Cruzer. The four-door was worked up as a tribute to the Bluesmobile from The Blues Brothers and was unveiled at a special party at the Ace Café just outside of London. The company even hired a pair of blues artists called the Cruze Brothers to be on hand to entertain the crowd. The whole shindig sounds like plenty of good fun... except we don't know what the Cruze or Chevrolet has to do with the comedy classic.
The original Bluesmobile was crafted from a retired Dodge Monaco police cruiser, complete with all of the upgraded hardware necessary to leap drawbridges and outwit scores of frustrated law enforcement, while the Bluesbrothers 2000 remake featured a Ford LTD. Unless General Motors is planning to farm the Cruze into police service, we fail to see the connection.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hummer H2.

The Hummer H2 is only the second model sold by the Hummer marque, a division of General Motors. It shares its platform with the Chevrolet Tahoe and the GMC Yukon. The front of the Hummer uses a modified GM 2500 Series utility frame. The mid-section is completely new, while the rear section is from a modified GM 1500-Series frame upgraded to accommodate the 8,600 pound gross vehicle weight.
The engine found in the Hummer H2 from 2003 through 2005 was a six-liter V8 unit capable of producing 325 horsepower. In 2008, a 6.2-liter unit rated at 393 horsepower can be found under the bonnet.
All Hummer cars originate from a military vehicle; the M998 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). ‘HMMWV' is quite a mouthful, so soldiers shortened the name to Humvee's. When AM General began to produce similar cars for the civilian market, they dubbed them ‘Hummer'.

The Humvee was a 1.25-ton truck that was intended to replace the M151 and other light tactical vehicles. In addition to the Humvee line, AM General also provides parts and training support for all of its products. AM General's Engineering and Product Development Center also provides systems technical support for various other military vehicles. AM General has spent years cultivating a reputation as the ‘world leader in the design, engineering and production of military and special purpose vehicles'.
Hummer H2 - Lambo Vertical Doors
Item Number: 42176
2010 Hummer H2
Hummer Vertical Doors
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


You can't stop the relentless march of progress, but it doesn't hurt to stop and take a look around every now and then at what you're leaving behind. Take the BMW M5, for example. The new twin-turbo model is, in every measurable way, better than the car it replaces. But we sure are going to miss that screeching V10.
Edo Competition is, too, and to bid farewell to the ten-cylinder super-sedan, the company has come out with one last modification package. Called the Dark Edition, the German tuning house has taken an M5 wagon and turned it into something fierce. By fitting new cats, BMW air filters and exhaust and tweaking the ECU, they've boosted output up from 500 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque to 555 hp and 413 lb-ft. Tasty.
All that extra muscle is said to be enough to drop half a second off the 0-62 mile-per-hour time, now down to 4.2 seconds, while raising the previously limited top speed from 155 mph to an Autobahn-crunching 190. And with the long-roof body-style, that means you can take the entire family, all their luggage and the dog on your high-speed jaunt to just about anywhere the road can take you.
The engine mods are coupled with a full aero kit, 20-inch alloys riding on a thin band of Dunlop rubber and a revised interior. And though the press release – which you can check out after the jump along with the high-res images in the gallery – makes no mention of a brake upgrade, we'd hope an outfit like Edo would know how to keep all that muscle in check.

Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Ford Fusion.

Not only is the 2011 Ford Fusion a good value and more charismatic stylistically but it also routinely averages the fewest mechanical failures of any new Blue Oval product according to a multitude of quality surveys in the industry. This fact is made all of the more impressive by Ford’s overall quality rankings which hover very near those enjoyed by Honda and Toyota.
The base Fusion 4-cylinder starts at $19,820 and comes with the 2.5 liter 175 horsepower/172 lb. feet of torque Duratec motor. A six-speed manual is standard and a six-speed automatic is optional. Both six-cylinder engine models come exclusively with the six-speed automatic and the Fusion Hybrid which we won’t discuss today comes with a CVT (continuously variable transmission). is going to be reviewing a Fusion Hybrid in just a month so have patience, dear readers. We are keeping our fingers crossed the CVT automatic isn’t a clone of the noisy, recalcitrant and maddening to operate variants that haunt so many hybrids. The bad CVT in the Altima really ruined what, for us, was otherwise a fine family sedan to sell.
Most Fusion buyers select a number of options when they order their car thanks to tasty offerings like Sync, Sony premium audio system, power moonroof, ambient interior lighting, leather seats and much more. In fact, Ford has found that most of its Fusion 4-cylinder buyers are opting for a fully loaded SEL model as many ex-SUV owners downsize into something cheaper to buy and cheaper to run. Everyone knows $5 a gallon gas is not a question of if but when.
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Ford Lambo Doors
2009 Ford Fusion
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jeep Wrangler Mojave.

Just this month Jeep took the wraps off three off-road enhanced Wrangler models for the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Now, following this week’s 2011 New York Auto Show, we can add one more toughened-up Wrangler to the list, the brand new 2011 Jeep Wrangler Mojave. And the best part is, this one’s headed for a Jeep showroom near you.
Paying tribute to the well-known and rugged western desert Mojave Trail, the Jeep Wrangler Mojave features a unique desert theme inside and out, and an aggressive wheel and tire package for when it’s time to leave the pavement.
Based on the Wrangler Sport model, the Wrangler Mojave gets a body-colored roof and fender flares, custom decals, and the Sahara model’s side steps. Customers can also pick an aggressive Wrangler Rubicon tire and wheel package, with mineral gray 17-inch wheels shod with 32-inch tires.
Color options include Sahara Tan, Bright White and Black.
Inside, the seats are trimmed in dark saddle leather with a lizard logo embossed on the front seats. Special driftwood trim surrounds the vents, front-passenger grab handle, steering-wheel spokes and door-handle inserts, and the guys at Mopar add some tread pattern slush mats and overhead grab handles.
Available in Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited models, the 2011 Jeep Wrangler Mojave arrives in showrooms in June. The base price on short-wheelbase versions starts from $29,945 including destination.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ford Fusion Accessories.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid photographed in Wheato...
The 2011 Ford Fusion is the best car for you if you’re looking for a roomy and comfortable midsize sedan that delivers solid overall performance and the latest technology.
The 2011 Ford Fusion carries over largely unchanged from the 2010 Fusion, which underwent revisions inside and out and added the 41-mpg Ford Fusion Hybrid. New features for the 2011 Fusion include Ford’s MyKey system that allows parents to set limits on their teenage drivers and a blind-spot side-view mirror included on models not otherwise fitted with the optional Blind Spot Information System. Newly optional are an HD Radio receiver and rain-sensing wipers, along with two new appearance packages. What hasn’t been added this year, however, is a turbocharged EcoBoost engine option.(Left) MODEL NAME: Ford Fusion GENERATION: I Y...Image via Wikipedia
Should you wait for the 2012 Ford Fusion or buy a 2011 Fusion? While the 2012 Fusion will largely remain unchanged from the present version, one anticipated addition may be worth waiting for. The 2012 Fusion is likely to be available with Ford’s EcoBoost four-cylinder engine as a substitute for one of its current V-6s. In the 2011 Ford Explorer crossover SUV, this turbocharged 2.0-liter nets a strong 237 horsepower, which is nearly on a par with the 2011 Fusion’s 3.0-liter V6, but with four-cylinder fuel economy. Buying a 2012 Fusion, however, places you just one model-year away from the anticipated all-new 2013 Fusion. The 2013 Ford Fusion will get a cosmetic makeover that may carry more-expressive styling and is expected to switch to Ford’s global platform for midsize cars, which means it will be smaller than the current-generation 2006-2012 Fusion.
Sometimes, a vehicle becomes a legend quickly after it arrives. It's the rare kind of thing where everyone agrees that this is one model that is certainly going to be remembered. Such is the case with the Ford Fusion. A torch-carrier if there ever was one, the Ford Fusion not only demonstrates the next generation of automotive efficiency, but also showcases a heaping spoonful of style to go along with it. Is there any wonder why this ride is so popular? The Ford Fusion delivers quality, comfort, and control like no other in its class.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Honda Accord Floor Mats

Keeping the inside of your ride clean is not something to take for granted. Just one, little, insignificant drip can lead to a spill. That spill can turn into a distraction, maybe even a permanent stain. It depreciates the value of your car. Not to mention, it is unattractive to begin with. And the OEM mats didn’t help a whole lot in the process. That’s why Honda Mats are so crucial. When you choose custom Honda Floor Mats, you’re choosing professional-level protection along with a personal touch of style. We showcase only the best names like WeatherTech®, Lloyd Mats®, and Nifty® to provide the hall-of-fame quality everyone respects. From all-Weather Honda Rubber Mats to soft and luxurious carpet mats, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to true interior security.
Honda drivers are known for taking care of their rides. And when it comes to making custom changes they have a reputation that speaks for itself. Honda Mats are a prime example. By bringing you options that include state-of-the-art design, top-grade materials, and plenty of style, we know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here. Even go with Custom Embroidered Honda Floor Mats for a unique message no one can duplicate! The choices are all here. So is the unmatched quality. This is where your Honda belongs.
From all-out protection to a stylish flair, CARiD features an astounding array of Honda Accord Floor Mats perfect for keeping the inside your machine clean and comfy. Our selection of Honda Accord Floor Mats comes at you from names like WeatherTech®, Lloyd®, and Nifty™ to guarantee the superb quality every driver needs. Choose from Honda Accord Rubber Mats, Floor Liners, Carpet Mats, and Custom Embroidered Honda Accord Mats to find what works best for your needs. Honda Accord WeatherTech® Mats are always a popular option for those who seek advanced defense against dirt, mud, ice, and spills. Interested in a more luxurious vibe? Honda Accord Lloyd® Mats are ultra-thick and come with a wide range of designs, colors, logos, and text choices for a personal touch of style every driver appreciates. At CARiD, our goal is to make it easy for you to get everything you need to enhance your ride. Our inventory of Honda Accord Mats is living proof!
LLOYD® - Velourtex™ Value Priced Mats
Item Number: 161223
2009 Honda Accord Floor Mats
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Honda Accord 2009, Velourtex™ Floor Mats by Lloyd®. The Velourtex™ foor mats are value priced, high quality automotive floor mats with a broad range of trademark, lifestyle and personalized embroidery options. Starting with high quality nylon yarn, Lloyd has created silky smooth texture, similar to late model original equipment mats, but with a heavier and more dense carpet face. Velourtex is available in ten of Lloyd's most popular OEM-matched colors.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chevy Silverado Grilles

The Silverado has become one of Chevy’s most prized roster members and to show it its due respect, we offer an electrifying line of Chevy Silverado Grilles that are considered the class of the industry. knows what you’re looking for in an insatiable, radiant Chevy Silverado Grill because ever since this rugged cruiser caught fire, we were the first to carry everything its drivers wanted.  Some things never change, and now more than ever before, our expansive inventory is considered to be the best in the business.  Only the highest-level manufacturers are brought in to make sure you get the outstanding lifetime quality that your truck needs. You want an image of classic boldness? is the place to choose the Chevy Silverado Grill that does the job right. Guaranteed.
T-REX® - 2 pc HEX Series Chrome Grille
Item Number: 66023
2011 Chevy Silverado
# TRX-64110 - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2007 & UP, 2 pc HEX Series Chrome Grille - Polished Stainless Steel Frame With Triple Chrome Plated HEX Mesh by T-REX®.
T-REX® - 2 PC Sport Series Mesh Grille
Item Number: 63896
2011 Chevy Silverado
# TRX-44110 - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2007 & UP, 2 PC Sport Series Formed Mesh Grille Insert - Triple Chrome Plated by T-REX®.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Chevrolet Silverado Lambo Doors

Motor Trend is following up its somewhat controversial decision to crown the Chevrolet Volt as its 2011 Car of the Year with a safer call for its 2011 Truck of the Year award. The 2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD was announced as the magazine's TOTY during a ceremony before the 111th Army-Navy Game at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday, giving General Motors' volume brand a pair of golden calipers to crow about all next year.
Chevy's heavy-duty version of its Silverado pickup truck was significantly upgraded this year, though it faced a tough pair of competitors in the equally improved 2011 GMC Sierra HD and the also-upgraded 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty. The Sierra HD looks almost identical on the outside compared to the 2010 model, but Chevy engineers worked magic on all the mechanicals beneath the surface. A significantly more powerful Duramax turbodiesel, excellent six-speed transmissions, reworked suspension and fully boxed frame were enough to put the Silverado HD ahead of its corporate cousin and crosstown rival in the minds of Motor Trend editors.
Curiously, the magazine claims it doesn't often have an apples-to-apples fight for its Truck of the Year award, but this year just happened to line up a trio of new-enough heavy duty pickups. The only truck missing was the Ram Heavy Duty, which was new for 2010. Chevy should probably be glad the Ram HD missed the cut off mark, as Dodge's heavy hauler holds the crown as Motor Trend's 2010 Truck of the Year. You must be looking for a whole new level of expression, because NOTHING promises more attention than vertical doors slapped onto your vehicle. The effect that Lambo doors initiate is classy, futuristic, and eye-popping but that's what it's all about. Designed to meet your ride's specifics, Vertical Doors, Inc. produces the most respected and authentic Lambo doors around. CARiD offers an explosive line of VDI vertical doors that are custom-built to provide perfect fitment and everlasting style for most makes/models. Contact our Vertical Door experts toll free at 1-800-505-3274.
Chevrolet Silverado - Lambo Vertical Doors
Item Number: 66313
2010 Chevy Silverado
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# VD-VDCCHEVYSILVER07 - Chevrolet Silverado 2007 & UP, Vertical Door Conversion Kit. Custom designed specifically for Chevrolet Silverado, resulting in a much easier and precise bolt-on installation.