Monday, August 29, 2011

Chevrolet Cruze

Get ready for some head scratching, movie fans. Chevrolet decided to mark the brand's 100th anniversary with a custom Chevrolet Cruze called the Cruzer. The four-door was worked up as a tribute to the Bluesmobile from The Blues Brothers and was unveiled at a special party at the Ace Café just outside of London. The company even hired a pair of blues artists called the Cruze Brothers to be on hand to entertain the crowd. The whole shindig sounds like plenty of good fun... except we don't know what the Cruze or Chevrolet has to do with the comedy classic.
The original Bluesmobile was crafted from a retired Dodge Monaco police cruiser, complete with all of the upgraded hardware necessary to leap drawbridges and outwit scores of frustrated law enforcement, while the Bluesbrothers 2000 remake featured a Ford LTD. Unless General Motors is planning to farm the Cruze into police service, we fail to see the connection.
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