Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Saturn Aura - Lambo Doors

General Motors has announced plans to discontinue the Saturn brand by the end of 2010, and close all 350 remaining Saturn dealers. The company has already stopped building the Aura midsize car, but produced a few thousand cars badged as 2010 Auras before shutting down the production line.  They are essentially identical to the 2009 model. To see what to expect of the 2010 Aura, see our review of the 2009 edition.
General Motors had once planned to redesign the Aura for the 2010 model year - likely basing the next Aura on the Opel Insignia, an award-winning car built by GM's European division। But that redesign was placed on hold in 2008 due to GM's ongoing financial troubles. GM built a 2009 Saturn Aura, then built a small number of identical cars badges as 2010 mdoels.  The 2010 Aura, therefore, is identical to the 2009 edition. The only significant change was the elimination of a hybrid version, but in anticipation of the Chevy Volt's long-awaited arrival.
Saturn Aura - Lambo Vertical Doors
Item Number: 54955
2011 Saturn Aura
Saturn Lambo Doors
# VD-VDCSATAURA07 - Saturn Aura 2007 & UP, Vertical Door Conversion Kit. Custom designed specifically for Saturn Aura, resulting in a much easier and precise bolt-on installation.